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Maddy Briggs - Late Night Swim

IE - Junk Body

Midden - Nothing New Under The Sun

Duolant - Corrivate

AnnaOtta feat. La.Fumero - Such is Life

Magenta Room - Centers of Distraction

Destructions Beauty - Eyes of a Blast

Phillippe Deschamps - Unanswered String [about an image by Laurent Batard]

f5point6 - Clinical Trials

Perforto - Uragano

Bonzaii - Das Dämmern Der Welt

Willebrant & The Broken Cradle - Agora

Jeff Surak & Daniel Craig - Gut Health

Daniele Veronese - Surface

EA & Θ - Sense Less

Andrew Heath - Landscape Studies No. 3

M. Knagge - You Will Be Immortal in My Eyes

Perkins & Federwisch - ...something known as music