M. Knagge - You Will Be Immortal in My Eyes


Released: April 28

You Will Be Immortal in My Eyes is a strange and somewhat sullen addition to the growing Bent Window Records catalog. While it definitely treads in the direction of noise, there is something uniquely varied about the composition of the album with its uncomfortable melodic loops that seem to be pulled out of the ether of the signals surrounding us. A combination of sounds that vary between harsh and unsettling with a light smattering of soothing spread throughout. M. Knagge has created something unusual and unpredictable with rich sonic content that left me feeling something ambiguous but also compelling. 

The third track, “& It’s Crushing Me Just Like Before,” is one of these clever sonic subversions as it opens with a delay-soaked loops of soft tones that are soon joined by a gritty sounding rhythmic piece that clatters about with the original soft tones devolving into detuned messiness. “House of Bloody Icon 1989” is the one track that is most akin to harsh noise but even it is tamped down as the end of the track leads us toward the end of the album with the intermittent sound of wind chimes in the background. These wind chimes reappear as the main component of the final track “You Will Be Immortal,” which puts the previously mentioned “House of Bloody Icon 1989” in a new context as a foreshadowing of the unsettling finale.


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