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John Garner - Movie Night

Released: November 20 Movie Night  is a rather peculiar album that implements a number of aspects from jazz and modern classical, then succeeds in making all of those elements exceedingly and wonderfully weird. Some of the tracks keep the hectic atmosphere to a minimum while others are determined to give every musician in the band their own solo at the exact same time. It is truly all over the place in the best way possible while still maintaining a distinct possibility of being a soundtrack for some kind of period film. Among all this neoclassical chaos, there is something deeply captivating about the compositional techniques at play, both in their variety and the commitment to keeping thing unpredictable throughout.  The album starts of slow, bordering on a type of ambient music with little oddities but then quickly escalates into a free-form jazz splurge in the next couple of songs. Basslines and woodwinds seemingly compete for supremacy with no clear winners throughout "Chunk

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