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boycalledcrow - Kullu

Released: May 3 Kullu is an album that gives us a glimpse into the fond memories of its creator through extensive field recordings and reinterpretations of them. Based solely on a yearlong trip to India taken by boycalledcrow (Carl M Knott), the rich sonic expereiences he captured while there are ever present throughout the album, forming the base of nearly every song. Along with these incredibly detailed recordings, Knott also fuses his own compositions into them through his very particular style of guitar playing as well as the slicing, rearranging, manipulating, and placement of each individual piece of recording. There are some pieces in which he adds more and some in which he adds less to the original recordings. "Vipassana" is one of the one in which he simply uses a recording all its own with quite a bit interpretation. It is a somewhat cacophonous sound with repetitive quality that sounds a bit mechanical in its tone. Something like a jackhammer going off on the sidew

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