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david wallraf & monad node - Un culte sans r​ê​ve et sans merci

Released: March 31 Collaborative albums always have an interesting tendency to bring out unexpected ideas from artists. This recent effort from David Wallraf and Monad Node is such an example of interesting combinations with three long tracks that seem to highlight some of the finer points of each's styles. Wallraf is known for creating subdued and surrealistic textures, most of which lean heavily in the direction of dark ambient and avant-garde. Slow moving musical noise that simmers with touches of the muttered vocals that gives form to his work. Conversely, Monad Node creates similarly dark in tone but much more aggressive in presentation, preferring to work with harsher and heavier sounds.  These preferences blend together wonderfully, if not a bit subtly from the first track, "Zu sagen was ist." Beginning the album with a nearly fifteen minute slow burn is a interesting choice, but one that works out well with the context of the two following tracks. Low and music ba

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