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NaÏ-Kobra Prospect - Impressions of Post​-​War Consumerism

Released: February 9 If the title of the album wasn't on the nose enough for you, Impressions of Post-War Consumerism is a story critical of the over-consumption that has run rampant in our world told in five very abstract and tumultuous parts. Each track tells of a certain aspect that Nai-Kobra Prospect observes in the frenzied world with some focusing on the personality and turmoil of those who participate while others focus on the whole of the situation and the forces that shape it outside the individual. Furthermore, each track on its own is rather dynamic and ever-changing. Calm atmospheres give way to utter chaos and frenzy only to subside and become calm once again. It gives less of an "ebb and flow" kind of vibe and more of a "cooler heads being rational until they also get caught up in the madness" kind of vibe. The second track, "Narcissistic Mother-Obsessed Neurotics" is one of the less frenzied tracks on the album, leaning into some harsh y

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