EA & Θ - Sense Less


Released: May 15

Sense Less is something of an interesting rise that is difficult to categorize precisely. There seem to be elements of many different things throughout its single half-hour track. This includes the soft hum of background noise which makes things lean slightly in the realm of drone, the deep swelling low-end that borrow from the downtempo variety of electronic, and the prominent staggering melody that bends and changes throughout the runtime. It all seems to be the result of this work being a collaborative effort between brothers Euripedes and Themis Altintzoglou with the former constructing the incredible visual piece of this release in the form of a limited-edition magazine and the latter providing the immersive soundscape.

It is strange the way both seem to complement each other. Visually, there is a minimalist and angular motif throughout the drawings contained in the magazine. This motif is reflected in the synth lines of the sonic component with stark triangle waves dancing around in the stereo field. It feels very representative of a modern architectural approach, much like the large and angular interiors of the buildings we commonly see in the near-futuristic settings of movies and television shows. Overall, the album feels like something science fiction but too close to the present and presents itself in balanced abstractness. 


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