Destructions Beauty - Eyes of a Blast


Released: June 14

A recent release from the Black September Production label, Eyes of a Blast is three tracks of raw and visceral noise. Technically, there are actually six tracks on this release with each track being given an alternate cassette version to give us something of a glimpse into how each wall sounds on its cassette counterpart. It's a great little addition to a digital release that I rarely see done, but would absolutely love to see more.

For these three tracks, we get seemingly three levels of insanity starting off with a track that bears the same name as the album. This track starts off the album with a somewhat lower level of intensity and a deep background rumbling that maintains its intensity throughout. Then, "Oh, Nagasaki Blues" takes us through more higher pitched textures with a more airy quality that induces a quality of the lingering radiation of a nuclear explosion. Finally, "Dust to Dust" amps up the intensity with a full spectrum assault on the ears that only lets up at the end of the track. Then we get to the cassette versions of each that add the aesthetic of analog tape warmth and fuzz. It truly is beautiful, in one of the most aggressive ways possible.


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