Phillippe Deschamps - Unanswered String [about an image by Laurent Batard]


Released: June 24

Dark, atmospheric, and somewhat haunting. Utilizing the buzz of an old Fender, Paris-based drone composer Phillippe Deschamps brings us a two track single that feels slightly unnerving but strangely soothing at the same time. Both tracks share the same name, differentiated only by numerals and their sonic qualities. "Unanswered Strings I" presents itself as a more static-filled compositions with the occasional heavily revered pluck of a guitar and massive textures that feel akin to standing in a cavernous space filled with shadows. "Unanswered Strings II" gives us something a bit smaller atmospherically but somehow seems a bit more unsettling as what sounds like a single bowed string playing a resonant harmony drones through the buzz and hum. It's a rather odd little listen that I found enjoyable, I simply wish there were more of it. 


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