tell me what you know about death - a person who differs markedly

Released: January 17

Perspective is a powerful thing that has the ability to change things that are otherwise the same in a dramatic fashion. On this two track creation, German artist Saffam plays with this notion under his moniker of tell me what you know about death. These two tracks utilize the same sound source but contextualize it much differently. The first track opens up rather calmly with a short bit of spaced out blips but then quickly escalates into something else entirely. The track shift wildly from one theme to another, usually with bit of harsh noise and glitching between each sudden change. It feels quite lurid overall as it goes from softer reverberations then straight into chattering and rapidly fluctuating noises in a pleasantly disorienting manner.

The second track is a bit more refined and less chaotic, leaning much more in the direction of a drone track. Although it still has its own moments of perplexity, it seems to be a bit more of a grinding procession with a more atmospheric quality. For those who purchase the full album, there are two additional tracks that come from entirely new sources as well as a rather trippy visualization for the first track. The visual reminds me a bit of Conway's Game of Life in that it consists of squares of existence popping in and out, re-spawning, and then disappearing again. It seems quite appropriate for the material (given that it is itself about life and existence) and I highly recommend giving it a watch, preferably in a dark room.     


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