Multiple Sense - Idler

Released: February 3

Idler, the first release of the year from Mick Inozemtsev musical project Multiple Sense, is a rather quaint little EP that combines glitchy textures with elegant keys. The result is compositions that are calm and beautiful, but with a slight air of pensiveness underpinning them. From the opening track, we can hear the contention in these tracks - the light keys signalling something contemplative and calm while the odd bits of percussion and strange effects wrap the track in a bit of mystery. The second track, "Affected" takes this theme even further opening up with the gentle keys that quickly succumb to the frenetic glitching of the pads until regaining their place in the mix while the madness continues in the background. It's these intricate contradictions in each track that make for something inexplicably compelling.  

Moving into the second half of the EP, "Quite Quiet" gives a strange sensation of rain falling gently. There are no sounds of rain but the quality imparted to the keys feels very much like water droplets falling errantly around us, punctuated further by the seeming lack of any accompaniment to this sound. The final track builds off of this at first, but takes a turn at the crescendo of the keys, suddenly transforming into something of a spectral oddity. Haunting voices take over the track, giving ghostly vibes with its accompanying deep drones as the keys slowly return and soft jazz drums join in. Appropriately named "Eerie," it caps off the EP rather wonderfully.    


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