Anatomy of the Heads - The Unknowable and Incomparable World

Released: January 25

An exotic and mystical journey catalyzed by the softest of noises and the dizziest of drones, Anatomy of the Heads returns with a solid half-hour piece to entrance listeners, bringing them into altered states of perception. It starts off slow and builds into a wave-like aura with the sound ebbing and flowing, playing with the stereo space in creative fashion. The way each sound moves throughout the piece is rather incredible - pieces move slowly over to the side slowly, allowing new ones to breathe in and out, then fading away slowly again to let the previous sounds return to their places. The general feel of this composition seems to be just that - breathing. 

As the track completes circles of sounds that fade in and out, it is easy to overlook the achievement of carefully crafted mixing here in lieu of the mystical experience. AotH manages to take an assortment of mesmerizing sounds  and delicately weave them together into an immersive experience that come right up to the cusp of feeling cluttered and overwhelming, but then each individual component phenomenally finds it own space so as not to disturb the others. The result is something otherworldly with a spiritual component that feels somehow metaphysically grounded at the same time.  


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