Makeshift Hypnosis - Visions

Released: January 21

On Makeshift Hypnosis' newest album, quiet and hazy guitar driven drones define the experience fully. Playing around with a variety of tones, each of the four tracks feel particularly cavernous, as if we get to stand at the edge of a large space and hear the sound coming out from the entrance. While much of it is slow drones akin to a very underground doom metal album, Makeshift Hypnosis also brings in small moments of faster paced playing that almost feels like an errant solo thrown in to keep things interesting. 

The album has a very lo-fi aesthetic to it compared to some of his previous work. There are no heavy walls of sound to be heard here. It reminds me of the early days of black metal recorded straight to tape. For some, this might be seen as a negative but I rather enjoy the callback to the early days of underground metal in which the low quality makes for a more authentic experience.  Each shattered reverberation accentuates the screeching distortion of the overdriven amp in a way that brings the guitar out of focus in excellent fashion, giving the cold and airy tones room to play in the atmosphere. It is something the sounds otherworldly and concrete all at the same time. 


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