Wife Eyes - Regna Vita

Released: November 3

Regna Vita is an album that is truly all over the place. There's just way too much going on throughout the album to break it all down succinctly, but I'm going to give it my damnedest. First off, while this may appear to be an all new artist, it is actually the brainchild of several well-established artists: moduS ponY. Zach, and nniror. modus pony annd nnirror are known for their borderline bizarre compositions and the combination of these two's ideas results in some truly weird and fun sounds. Honestly, where else am I going to hear jazz guitar chords slowly devolve into spaced out ambient only to turn back around into some 8-bit styled sounds that give me Link in the dungeon vibes? 

As said previously, the album is all over the place and it's not just from song to song. Each song itself has a certain erratic variety to it. Looking at "Spore Baby," we get a track that starts out with some lo-fi old school video game vibes and then turns into a lurid little dirge about halfway through with these same chippy sounds almost struggling to articulate themselves. Those same lo-fi sounds return in full view only to get degraded and warped in whole new way. Then we have tracks like "Autotrov" in which the very idiosyncratic guitar style that moduS ponY is known for gets the limelight, playing oddball scales in unpredictable patterns. The combination of these preferred instrumentations and the unusual compositional structure make the whole album just a lovely little trip to listen to. At some point you might think you know where things are going, but then you get thrown for another loop. Your best bet is to give up and go along for the ride. 


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