Vomitician - Never Mind The Sore Throat Here's Vomitician

Released: November 11

The latest release in Vomitician's ever expanding discography, Never Mind The Sore Throat Here's Vomitician is an impressive fifty track album that covers a surprising amount of ground. The track lengths are all over the place with the longest track nearing five minutes and the shortest being barely a couple of seconds. This threw me off but listening to it all in one sitting made the layout make a lot more sense, especially considering that some of these track literally just smash into the ass end of one another with barely a pause to let you know its a new track. This is done really well with the tracks "The Wall 1" through "The Wall 8" where the first seven track don't even break thirty seconds and the final in the series goes one for a crushing two minutes. 

Then there's some fun oddball noise tracks that veer away from the wall of noise aesthetic but still stay aggressively noisy. "Lois Griffin Is A Stupid Fucking Character" is one of these weird ones with no sound other than some hyper distorted dialogue from the character showing off some of her worst moments. Then I came to "Appalachian Grub" with percussion that sounds like a trash can lid being slammed on and a banjo plunking along with it. This one comes after the halfway mark (both the functional halfway mark on the track named as such) and the album seems to shit a little bit away from noise and more into the realm of grindcore-adjacent with slamming drums and chugging basses making more appearances like on the bizarrely named "Engles & Bere Concrete LLC." Don't know what this title is all about but I loved to the sound. Which is honestly kind of how I felt about the album as a whole - lots of noise, awesome nods to punk and metal, overly aggressive, and enjoyable the whole way through.   


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