Great Ape Problems - Great Ape Problems

Released: October 19

The self-titled debut album from Norwegian artist Great Ape Problems is something of a mash of ideas that incorporate many elements of downtempo and trip-hop but seem to combine it with a heavy dose of influence from modern trap music. The drums and the bass are highly reminiscent of the kits used by many current American hip-hop artists, especially the crisp hats and snares. But the underlying rhythms differentiate them from the current trends in hip-hop with some objectively odd sequences that feed into the equally odd melodic content of the tracks. Then there is the bass which, depending on the track, is either thick and smooth or overpowered and crushing. 

Saying what genre this album falls clearly into is all but impossible. Some of the tracks allow the modern trap influence in heavily such as "Tempest, " which features an overdriven 808 bass that is just positively crushing. But then there are tracks such "Leave," which still contain this same influence but also mash a hefty dose of IDM styled synths and percussive bleeps/bloops.  To top it all off, the album ends with "Alone, and It's Fine" which is the only track not featuring drums and instead leans a bit more into melodic ambient territory. All this experimentation leads itself to some interesting combinations of sounds, though the album overall seems a bit unfocused. However, I can safely say that I look forward to see what follows this album and what direction Great Ape Problems takes. 


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