Hynta - Hyperobjects

Released: October 27

Glinting synths, lapping arpeggios, and distant pads convey a certain sense of unreality throughout the the runtime of Hyperobjects. However, the concept behind the music is very real, just not in a sense that most people are able to perceive it as. The concept of objects that span vast distances yet remain imperceptible to us, manifested here as something more tangible with plenty to sink one's mind into. Across six tracks, the borders between genres melt away slowly taking us from the purely ambient to to noisy rattles of unearthly percussion and ethereal vocalizations. 

"Boundless" begins our exploration with a racing arpeggio that slowly melts into lightly glitched pings and pongs as artificial strings wrap the presentation into a beautifully convoluted landscape.  This more subtle approach continues into "Blue of Distance' until scurrying reverbed hats come speeding in along with haunting vocalizations that linger long after all other sounds. In crafting the experience, Hynta (Laura WIlliams) doesn't shy away from utilizing unexpected sounds. "Soak" came as a bit of surprise to me as the track built up slowly, introducing a string part that is soon accompanied by something akin to a soft horn that is impossible to place. The track builds up slowly to a wonderful crescendo just before the end in which all manner of unforeseen pieces of sound come into the soundscape. The album is filled with these beautiful moments that make it a rather unreal yet perfectly perceptible experience.  


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