Beachers - The Problem

Released: September 29

Consisting of seemingly disparate electrical and electronic pieces, The Problem is a heady yet subtle experience as it meanders through eclectic combinations of tones and textures quietly and with only the slightest hesitation. From the first track, "Click," the atmosphere is established with muted tones traveling ethereally behind click, dull thumps, and a slight wash of static that proceeds hypnotically, But it is once we come to "The problem (part 1)" that the true musical motifs appear in full. Deep piano notes echo through the blank space as it is complemented by broken and indiscernible voice transmissions, later to be joined by the higher register answer of additional piano notes. The soft and sparse nature of these beginnings to the album prepare an uncertain progression.

Moving into the remainder of the album, we come to the deceptively titled "Wait." Despite the quiet nomenclature, this track does not induce a calm pause. Rather it builds an unexpected amount of tension, as if there is something waiting on the other side of wherever we are and caution is advised. This caution is subverted by the new two tracks "The rain is dancing at me" parts 1 and 2. These two tracks seems to function as one in some respects with the quiet field recording of rainfall providing a soothing intro to the more melodic yet still quiet sparse second part. We come to the close with "The problem (part 2)" which eschews any similarity to its forerunner, abandoning the piano for feedback inspired tonality and more prominent static. 


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