Tanti Aglaia - Animal Carnival

Released: July 21

In his first release on the See Blue Label in just over a year, Gili Mocanu brings another long-form work under his Tanti Aglaia moniker, one of his many projects of differing focuses. This album consists of a single track, exactly forty minutes long that takes the listener through a surprising variety of motifs and tonalities throughout its runtime that almost feel like multiple tracks. However, there is this underlying theme behind all of it that keeps it unified despite the constant shifts and evolution we hear of the course of the journey.

It begins rather light, with faint ambiances playing as we hear faint warbles that are joined by a prominent pluck-like tone ringing out loudly a rather odd series of tones, some which seem to intentionally clash with its surroundings in instantly jarring fashion until followed by a tone that melds into the surrounding soundscape. However, this motifs fades away from us as Mocanu takes the listener into a more psychedelic direction with the intense wavering of pad-like ambiance that is soon rejoined by the obscure tonalities before. This builds up once again until it breaks back down into gentler territory. And this is the entire trajectory of the track -  a series of waves building up slowly only to fall back down once again into a spot where something new can slowly be introduced. After the newest element has been introduced, it allows for previous elements to join it once again, creating an odd sonic dance that never becomes too busy or overwhelming but never allows itself to become stale.  


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