Script Kid - SKSI

Released: July 28

Coming off an over two-year hiatus, Script Kid has returned with a breakbeat-inspired EP filled with strange combinations of sounds that includes influences ranging from dub, ambient, and even motifs of old-school hip-hop. The entire EP sounds kind of "fuzzy" for lack of a better word. Don't expect any polished sounds here as most of it hearkens back to a time when crisp and clean was not the goal, rather something a bit more raw and honest. You can hear this aesthetic from the start of the first track, "Stole Yer Soul." It is a mash of some old and gritty breaks with definite dub elements you can hear in the bass and the synths, but there's also these cool moments throughout where the song breaks down further, almost into noise territory but then gets swept back up at just the right moment. 

Script Kid takes a lot of liberties with genre selection as well, especially evident in tracks like "Get Wet" and "$Beatz." The former is a seemingly chill house-inspired track with airy percussion and a pulsating bass that still somehow manged to sound far-off from the crystal clear production techniques of most house producers and has that nice layers of fuzz and scuzz on top of it. The latter is something else entirely, showing a side enamored with the turntable-driven side of hip-hop's past, complete with the scratched vocal samples and all plus a borderline dance-able beat that carries through the whole track. In the context of all the different tracks, it seems Script Kid threw a bunch of his favorite stuff into a bag, shook it vigorously, and poured ot a fun and eclectic EP. 



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