Released: June 23

A deep and somewhat darkly themed release, this debut EP from Los Angeles-based duo OUT ON IN is a cerebral soundtrack to a yet unidentified movie, one that has three distinct parts. The first part of our is one of calm but slightly foreboding tones. Faintly wavering tones build on top of a subtle low pitch that undergirds the sonic textures that wind around it. This is, at least, until lush pads come into the mix to send things into a reflective tone. Truly, it feels like it is setting the scene of opening on a slightly dystopian landscape, one of grey skies and aimless yet sullen activity that we must take in it's fullness. 

The second track "Crime Spikes" begins a bit deceptively, at first making the listener believe that it is to be a bit warmer. But this illusion it broken by the end with the entire track washing out in the sound of a frozen in time pad that slowly fades away as we come to the final movement. This final piece, aptly named "Slow Your Nervous System, " almost grinds the album to a halt with a decidedly minimalist approach consisting of a deep resonating bass strike that slowly pulses in and out. It is kept in time with the subtle ticking of a clock in the background. It effectively takes to a scene of fighting panic, as if the world quickly begins to crumble and we must the urge to lose ourselves to madness by simply counting the seconds. This convoluted trip takes us through an abstract world of tension and promised release, a promise that never fully materializes but still captivates.  


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