nobuka + KOLLEE - A Fair Amount of Time

Released: July 7

In a collaborative effort, Netherlands-based producers nobuka and KOLLEE have brought their listeners a long-form experimental pieces that feels like a bit of an adventure all its own. Spanning over twenty minutes, the duo has weaved a complex net of field recordings, synth patches, drones, and collages of samples with Kollee throwing his own brand of improvised drumming over the top. This results in a soundscape that is a bit difficult to define, owning to its extreme diversity of sounds. There are moments where the drones begin to oscillate just a bit faster and Kollee picks up his pace as if he is building up to something, only for the drums to suddenly stop. Other times, rhythms will begin to take some kind of shape, forming something of a beat or something familiar to latch onto, only for it either suddenly change into something else or stop altogether. But this is what seems to be the defining feature of this sonic romp - a constant subversion of expectations. I can't count the number of times I thought I knew where they were going with something, only for it to veer wildly into the opposite direction. And honestly, this is what kept me listening all the way through the end.   


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