Released: July 10

On this latest EP released through Adventurous Music, German A/V performer INYAN takes an odd but quite unique approach to breakbeat by combining it with some unexpected sources. First and foremost, I can't quite consider this to be specifically a breakbeat album as there just seems to be a whole lot going on here, but the influence is certainly present and obvious. But it is all of the weird extra sounds that keep showing up such as her whispering vocals and noises along with the sound recordings and more melodic and tonal loops that throw this album into a more experimental territory. 

The very first track gives us the introduction of a squealing sound that is slowly joined by the deep kick as it is joined by the rest of the percussion. It's hard to explain what this sound is, but you will either love it or you'll hate it, I just so happen to fall into the first camp. As the rhythm beats on, we get further strange sounds as short whistling loop that pops up and then subsequently disappears as well as a short piano line that behaves the same way, along with INYAN's soft whispers. These thematic elements show up in virtually all other tracks to differing effect, notably as well on the fourth track "Rain." The rhythm here seems to shift from a breakbeat inspiration to something perhaps driven a bit more by modern trap complete with the snare rolls all. But all that elemental strangeness is still there, complete with an inconsistent sample of rain and short broken little melodic loops. INYAN's penchant for bringing a sound in and then dropping it without warning is what defines and really sets this album apart. It makes for a rather fun ride. 



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