Brickmason - Pok​​​é​​​Dreams (Collection)

Released: August 4

Double albums are something rare these days, but even rarer is when an artist decides that they will release three separate albums at once. Here, Portland-based electronic and VGM artist Brickmason brings us an entire collection  of three albums comprising more than forty tracks, all dedicating to once of the most successful video game franchises ever created -  Pok​​​é​​​mon. 

Growing up and being a huge Nintendo fan myself, I loved the original games, though I was always partial to Blue version. But that's also kind of fitting because out of these three albums, the Blue version stands out as my favorite. It is particularly sleepy sounding to me, even with its more energetic tracks like "The Road to Lavender Town" and "Welcome to the World of Pok​​​é​​​mon!" it maintains a relaxed and washed out atmosphere compared to the more peppery and energetic Red version. But this could just be my opinion. There is also the Yellow version which seems to take some of the classic musical pieces from the game but also pulls out some lesser known compositions, including some that were hidden on the original games but never actually used. 

In terms of what Brickmason does with these tracks, we get to experience a wonderful blend of 8-bit nostalgia and ambient vaporwave influences that creates some slightly washed out vibes alongside the crisp clarity of the original synthesized bits from the soundtracks of this classic game series. It makes for something rather interesting to hear these original composition into something new. Something that we are both hearing for the first time and also hearing through the deep and fuzzy mists of memory. Highly recommended. 


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