William St. Hugh - Turning of the Stars

Released: May 31

Following up from his Februrary release Anomaly, William St. Hugh brings us another release filled with quiet and foreboding tones that evoke a cinematic experience worthy of the best dramas to make the screen. Over the course of six tracks, we experience airy pads and beatless soundscapes that transport us through delicate scenes and atmospheres. The track that bears the name of the album itself is a delightful midpoint of the album that signifies a definite shift in the tone of the album, giving us the last glimpse of an uplifting aura before we are plunged into a darker and more tense world. 

As the album title suggests, there is a turning in terms of tone and substance. For the first three tracks, we have bright tones and a sense of wonder pervading through. After this turn starting with "Inner Sky," the heavens we were previously shown changes into something more menacing. and shadowy, absent of the points of light we held on to previously. That is until the very end with "Night of Nights," in which it sounds as though those points of light are trying to return but are held back from truly showing themselves, seemingly blotted out by the overwhelming shadow that has engulfed the sky. It makes for quite the cinematic turn in this short but captivating album. 


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