Simon Fisher Turner - LIFEFILES/LF10


Released: June 23

The latest entry in the LIFEFILES series and the fourth entry in the series from Simon Fisher Turner, LF10 is a strange little experiential that matches up well with the previous entries in the series. Before delving too deep into this release, a bit if background on the series is important. The LIFEFILES series is a bit of a call and response project in which an artist is given a single field recording in which the are free to compose around or manipulate into strange territory as they see fit. Previous entries have seen contributions from artists such as Xqui, Veryan, and Rupert Lally. 

In the tenth entry of the series, Turner takes field recording from various drainpipes found around the city and warps them into something unrecognizable. Though the album is technically two parts, it is presented as a single long-form track. In the first part, some of the original textures of the recording bleed through in the form of droplet-like sounds and small whooshes, though these sounds are far exaggerated and surrealistic. However, once we enter the territory of Part 2, things get much more complex. Gone are the simple manipulations and a rich composition takes its place. We get surging lows and repeating, stuttering bits that pulse rapidly with a dark ambient undertone. It is an odd showcase in making repetitive sounds as dynamic as possible while imbuing a strangely cinematic feel, if this particular piece of cinema was about going crazy.  


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