Sangam - Rest Assured

Released: June 30

Foreboding yet unhurried atmospheres fill the latest album from Sangam, released on Decaying Spheres. It is odd to me that Sangam is able to add so much tension into parts of this album without ever truly picking up the pace or introduce so much as a single bit of rhythm. In the second track, "Gushing,"he takes these mysterious melodies and languid textures into the realm of cinematic tension with a pulsing undercurrent that persists throughout the track, beckoning to be aware of something unclear and unknown ahead. He performs a similar feat on "Untangled" with the static-y sound of rain glitching in and out as huge pads swell up to the point of slight distortion before fading back again quickly, overcoming the sound of the rain momentarily. 

In yet other tracks on the album, he plunges us deep into the ether of massively spaced out pads and huge reverberated spaces on "Predicted Scape" and "Rest Assured." The former is soaked in room ambiance and softly drizzling rain in the bachground with a longing melody playing out in the forefront while the latter gives us something much more subdued with vocal-like sounds quietly singing out in the more empty space. The album finally closes out this fragile and airy journey with glimmering pads and a transcendant feeling of hope on the aptly name "Look Up." 



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