Mario Infantes - Antidote to a Turbulent Mind

Released: July 7

Is it a little odd that an accomplished metal singer based in Iceland would try his hand at making an ambient electronic album? It shouldn't be, especially considering how amazingly well Mario Infantes debut solo effort turned out. Rather than simply play on the trope of ambient music (although you will find one or two in there), Infantes integrates his experience in the world of epic and black metal into this record to excellent effect. Furthermore, he didn't just make an album, he made a story. In this story, we follow a man through all the stages of a psychedelic experience, through every single experience. 

As I said, this is just as much a story as an album. Fittingly, the very first track opens with the sound of a door opening, footsteps, and the sound of the psychedelic concoction being poured out from a glass bottle. We are then plunged into a world or dungeon-inspired synths and quick arpeggios. This is the spot where much of the album finds itself comfortably in, an area just past dungeon synth but a bit before we get to the territory of metal. This includes all manner of 16-bit synth work, worthy of all the classic RPGs of yesteryear. However, Infantes also gives a few surprises here and there, especially with "Explore the Woods..." A track with that same 16-bit synth charm but includes some synth horns and a groovy bit of percussion that incorporates hand drums, wood blocks, and many other Latin-flavored jazz accouterments. On the other end of the spectrum, Mario also moves heavily in the direct of pure ambient, notably with the final track "Inexplicably Long Winter," filled with airy synth tones and the lightest bits of percussion to solidify that wintry feel.  


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