Makeshift Hypnosis - Makeshift Hypnosis

Released: June 19

In his first public release, Makeshift Hypnosis takes the crushing weight of harsh noise wall aesthetics and adds something eerily melodic and tonally rich. Beginning with "The Great Fire," we are introduced to heavy, droning textures and a deeply distorted, somewhat atonal melody that plays out among this wall of grumbling static. But then it is when the third track, Faded Dream, comes around that we are shown that this is not merely a noise record. Here we get small and gentle piano keys ringing out a displaced melody among a swirl of noise in the background. This is a persistent dynamic throughout the album, a back and forth between elements of pure noise and ambiguous tonality. 

I hear a great deal of promise in what Makeshift Hypnosis is doing here. The range of experimentation and willingness to bend genres into the realm of noise without regard for what may or may not be acceptable is stunning. The only thing holding me back is that it seems to lack any unifying theme that brings all of these delightfully textural tracks together. However, I see this as the struggle of any new artist and one that will eventually become a thing of the past. In the meantime, the aural sensations this album gives off are odd, discomforting, and somehow soothing all at the same time. You could even say hypnotizing. 


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