Dot Edit Dot - We Are Not Angels

Released: June 22

We Are Not Angels is Dot Edit Dot's third release to date and comes on the heels of a several year hiatus. To this end, it represents quite a return to music as it incorporates a wide variety of compositional techniques and tracks that span genres from ambient to downtempo with all kinds of seemingly random elements sprinkled in to taste. It makes for a rather eclectic listening experience that remains cohesive despite its variety.

From the first track, I originally wasn't sure what all to expect as "Alone In A Crowd" opens with some ambient vibes and vocal snippets, but then quickly ups its pace with a bit of relaxed drum 'n' bass rhythms that bring the energy up a bit while keeping it sufficiently chill. Later on in the album, we get some truly experimental stuff with what may be my favorite track on the album, "This Age of Technological Advances." It is a strangely crafted soundscape filled with distorted arpeggios and this persistent hum in the background that sounds akin to electricity crackling and the hum of a high energy power station. This is followed by "A Storm Is Coming," which slightly matches the vibes of the opening track through to even more subdued degree with softer percussion and more relaxed rhythms. But this is the dynamic throughout much of the album - a well-crafted balance between abstracted ambient tracks and delightfully chilled downtempo beats. Quite a fantastic listen, especially for a bit of night driving.     


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