Death Tape Super Bass - GUTS


Released: June 1

Death Tape Super Bass is well-known for integrating harsh noise elements into a downtempo techno landscape and on this album he continues that motif with some new techniques. For the most part, this album is almost fully done live with all that you hear coming out on the fly. This seems to have been done with a variety of pieces of hardware including the MPC, modular synths, and a Casio Rapman (of all the things!). The result is something unique that broaches the territory of noise while maintaining a slowed down tech rhythm on much of the album.

Some of the weirder highlights include "Cringe," an aptly named track that you can heavily hear a twisted and modulated Rapman hard at work keeping a minimal yet ungodly rhythm. Then we get a slowed gabber style composition in "Hate Face" with a slightly obnoxious bass tone that makes part of the groove in a somewhat distant sounding track, although that bass is right up your ear much of the time. But let's not forget the fun little ear-piercing screeches we can hear throughout "Horrible Mess" with harshly distorted modular synths screaming at us along side a simple little persistent beat. If you're looking for something irritating but also enjoyable, then this is what you need to listen to. 


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