Cat Temper - Furio


Released: March 10

Synthwave explorer Cat Temper's latest looks and sounds like a wonderful homage to the dance floor music of the 80's with a touch a modern sensibilities. But don't worry, those modern sensibilities never once override the ecstasy-inducing nostalgia of the synth lines, percussion, and arpeggiated bass lines that conjure up all the greats of the era, including Duran Duran who provided the inspiration for the cover art. But there's plenty of other inspiration to go around beyond the visual. 

While all of Furio is an homage, none of these tracks are covers. Rather, they all seem to have their own vibe based on some of the big acts of the 80s. For me, specific songs seem to call back more to specific artists that I listened to heavily back in the day (okay, I still listen to most of them). "Mew Religion" is of particular note for me as I get flashes of New Order and Camouflage with it's proto-industrial touches. "Sin of the Kitty" is a similar vibe for but I get more of a Ultravox meets Bonnie Tyler vibe with the airy but defined pads and the driving rhythm. And as always, Cat Temper keeps the puns going nonstop throughout the album with names like "Save a Purr" and "Please Please Tell Me Meow," to which I say right meow indeed. 


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