Tulpa Twin - Trial Seasons

Released: February 3

The debut album of this latest project from experimental producer Jake Wayman, Trial Seasons leans heavily on dark and foreboding sound choices to creates compositions that are simultaneously soothing and uneasy. Opening up with "bardo communication," the theme is set almost instantly as slightly detuned pads ring out with with an industrial sounding muted crash periodically interrupts. It honestly feels like something akin to a synthetic and otherworldly thunderstorm. 

The third track "pylons" takes a similar theme but alters it significantly with the use of a kick that serve as the punctuation on an uneasy sequence. Rather than feeling like a thunderstorm, this is more akin to a slow pursuer's heavy footstep thudding nearby. Saving this though, the remainder of the track is intensely atmospheric to the point of making the listener feel as though they are swimming through a thick fog. The album closes with "paracelsus," a track so airy that it is almost imperceptible at times, except for the midpoint. At the midpoint is when so many uneasy sounds converge into a near cacophony that is only toned down by a singular harmonic drone that keeps things together until a powerful thump comes in to nearly silence all, ending the album on a sparse note. 


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