Neandertaal - Follicles

Released: February 9

Hailing from Finland, Neandertaal makes their debut on Bent Window Records with the just under twenty minute grind that is Follicles. Two tracks of harsh noise that isn't quite a wall but is by no means gentle. "I" opens up with only slightly less intensity than it ends with as a high pitched screech oscillates wildly, sometimes even giving the sound of a heavily distorted guitar chug before descending back into madness.

"II" gives something a bit more subdued but still extremely grinding. Rather than give us non-stop screeching intensity, it takes mere seconds in between the intensity to allow just a moment to breath. However, this is less of a relaxing affair and more akin to slipping under the water over and over again, with just enough time to take a shallow and ragged breath before being submerged again. Overall, its a surprisingly intense release. It certainly contradicts the idyllic image you see on its cover art, in a good way. 


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