EMPTY POOL - The Customs and Culture of Andalusia

Released: March 6

Marking the first release from the new Triumph of Kings label, EMPTY POOL takes the genre of harsh noise wall to a different and strange place with the integration of environmental background noise and other sound sources taken directly from the area of Canillas de Albaida in Andalusia. Strangely, what we get here is an examination of a very particular culture through the lens of harsh noise. Which is something that I've certainly never heard before but find to be a fascinating approach. 

It starts out with "The Music of Andalusia" which features pieces of traditional vocal music from Andalusia that are intermittently buried and simultaneously distorted by the wall of noise that accompanies it. It creates an interesting juxtaposition between the two forms of music that is honestly one of the weirdest and most interesting genre combinations. For some of the other tracks this combination is not as prevalent, but for others such as "The Culture of Andalusia" it once again takes center stage. The buried textures in this track are far less distinct but still quite apparent as we can hear the bits of vocals that seem to be recordings of people talking in the public streets. Quite an approach to observing a culture, in my opinion. 


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