Centrul Isteric/Michiu - KISI/DYNACHORD


Released: January 21

Featuring two extended tracks from Gili Mocanu under his Centrul Isteric moniker and Dan Michiu, this split cassette is a cohesive experience that takes the listener on a journey of two slightly diverging paths. For the first half, Mocanu takes us on what feels like a slightly frustrating journey through a dark tunnel complete with the stumbles, the hazards, and parts where a bit of light shines though to give us a glimpse of our surroundings. Clicks and clacks pervade through the runtime along with oddly sourced bits of sound that range from drones to slightly melodic pieces. As I listened, I was reminded a bit of those old amusement park rides that float you through a dark tunnel, bumping you into the side randomly and showcasing some strangely lit up displays periodically.

In the second half, Michiu takes us away from the tunnel and into a dense fog. There is an ever present drone that hangs heavy on the track with the various clangs and swells pushing their way through the haze. The slight frustration Mocanu took us through is replaced by a sense of dread-filled mystery similar to walking through the town of Silent Hill. We not sure exactly where we are going or what will run into, but the sense is that neither will be anything we could call good or desirable to say the least. 


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