David Wallraf - Unpleasant Knowns

Released: January 16

An interesting little collection of tracks that are a bit bit disparate from one another but still somehow connected by an odd thread by Hamburg-based artist David Wallraf. Much of the music contained here is distinctly unsettling but keeps a melodic atmosphere throughout, though this feature differs in intensity from track to track. The opener for the EP "Dysphoria" is one of the more melodically engaged tracks on the album with a constant but slow arpeggio that feels as though it is constantly climbing upwards only to get nowhere as the various noises and effects creep in on top of it. Likely one of my favorites on the album despite its comparatively short run time. 

The collection of sounds and instrumentation varies widely throughout the album and even within songs. "The Stupid World of Pictures" is an interesting example of this with a synth sound that gives of a weirdly neutral vibe. On its own, it almost seems like nothing. But as the noises build around it, it gains context that makes it seem more foreboding than anything. Much of the album plays out in this way - somewhat aimless but also delightfully experimental and willing to smash together sounds and themes that wouldn't intuitively seem to work, but then do. 


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