C. Soûle - A Certain Amount of Spillage EP

Released: January 24

So much of this latest release from C. Soûle (formerly Wiley Soule) feels like a well-blended grab bag of techniques. Throughout its runtime, tracks contain both the expected bits of noise and abstract sounds but then mix with oddly melodic bits. While that might sound like something jarring or or uneven, it is actually rather surprising how swiftly these disparate pieces complete their sonic handoff without pause. You can actually hear this theme set up in the very first track, "Spit to Clean" as it opens with more extreme textures but seamlessly changes over to a more ethereal vibe as the track progresses. 

This EP seems to also be deeply personal for Soûle, touching on the feelings he experiences as the world around him morphs into something not conducive to hope or positivity. Despite these foundational feelings, I can hear the light touches of something hopeful in several tracks, namely "Inhalant Survival Series pt 1: Drowning in the Bigot's Rivulet." For me, it is that distorted and twisted little bit of melody in the second half of the track that sounds as though it desperately wants to signal something positive but struggles through its own distorted nature. 


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