Bus Kid - Songbirds at Sea


Released: January 21
Songbirds at Sea is possibly the lushest and most soothing auditory journey I have had the pleasure of hearing in quite some time. The album dances around in the territory of multiple genres but seems to root itself in the realm of chillwave with touches of ambient here and there. Upon hearing the first track, I was firmly convinced that what I would be getting is a purely ambient album, albeit one supported by a small cast of talented supporting artists including saxophonist Jake Gleason. However, by the middle of the second track "Cicada Om," I became aware that this album would be far more complex. 

What was particularly surprising was the well-executed integration of Latin musical influences throughout the album. It seems rare that such influences are successfully included in ambient, downtempo, and chillwave-adjacent forms of music but it is pulled off spectacularly here. These influences creep their way in slowly, introducing themselves initially in "Corazón Clara," fading out of the picture a bit and then returning in full force with "Destellos Verde." Even "Under the Dream Canopy" leans heavily into these influences with a wonderfully chilled café on a Saturday morning vibe. 


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