Burning Down the Vatican - Merry Christless-mas


Released: December 26

Known in noise circles for their unforgivingly brutal harsh noise walls, noise veteran godNOISEgod teamed up with James Nathan Powell to form the side project Burning Down the Vatican as a sonic protest against Christianity. This latest two-track release represents the fifth for this side project and comes with it's own message regarding the Christmas holiday. While searingly brutal, this release sees much shorter track runtimes than some of godNOISEgod's self-titled releases, though this seems to be the motif for all of the Burning Down the Vatican Releases. 

Both tracks have all the rage you would expect, but the first "Keep god Out Of The Holidays" has a high pitched nature to it with an ripping undercurrent that tries to keep the wailing electrical scream in check but is unable to. The second, "Borrowing From The Pagans" has that quality of a simmering fire that threatens to erupt at any moment but is kept at bay. For any hardcore noise-enthusiast, the runtime may seem short. But for the uninitiated, it may well just be perfect. 


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