Petridisch - Tweks

Released: May 10

Nearly a year after Extrait, Petridisch returns with a short yet intriguing and ghostly EP, Tweks. I say that it is an EP, but in some ways it feels a bit more like a a single tracks separated into four fragmentary ideas with each named as parts one through four. The choice of sounds here is interesting as the vary from gentle and ambient to a bit distorted and haunting. As per his usual, Petridisch incorporates a number of vocal samples that add a certain touch to the already odd soundscapes playing out, but only on a select few tracks. The first track on the album heavily incorporates them alongside a sparkly and delayed guitar sound that becomes weirder and more detuned as the track progresses. Near the end, there's a whole new vocaloid kind of sound that resembles a squished sounding voice mumbling to itself incoherently, only adding to the haunting feel that the track develops over the course of just a couple of minutes. 

Part 3 feels like the most ambient of the tracks in this short collection with its airy atmosphere and it's developing atonality. It begins serene enough with soft vocals bringing all manner of "ahhhs" and related sounds. Slowly, these vocals seem to become more and more manipulated as they go from gentle and beautiful to stretched and pained. It's a bizarre effect that takes things in a bit of a darker direction. It somewhat reminds me of the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark when opening the ark starts off beautiful and then becomes much more frightening, though to a much less dramatic effect. The final track take us through some synthetic string driven drama that feels very akin to the preparation for a boss battle in any one of my favorite Super Nintendo games, until the last twenty to thirty seconds. At this point, all of the strings fade away and we just get left with a strange haunting vocalization reminiscent of what we heard in part three. A pretty fantastic return as well, in my opinion.   


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