Shining a Light on the Otherwise Obscure.

Welcome to the Fringes. We're bloggers dedicated to covering independent ambient, downtempo, IDM, neoclassical, and other music that isn't mainstream. New reviews are posted every week and we love hearing from artists, labels, and readers.


Bastien Jouvin - Oxacides

Bastien Jouvin is a French classical percussionist and drummer living in Normandy. A retired punk/hardcore drummer, he has set off on a...

Rounding the Fringes - June 6

Dylan M. Howe - Criterion Summer Released: May 8 Criterion Summer takes a rather interesting approach to creating ambient soundscapes by...

Rounding the Fringes - May 17

Mode 7 Project - Transience Released: April 22 Serving up his fourth EP among a short burst of singles, the latest from Mode 7 Project is...


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