havening - wavelengths of light vol. 2

Released: May 2

The second part of a two-part series, wavelengths of light vol. 2 feels a bit all over the place in terms of song construction but also a very fun and eclectic album overall. There's a wide variety of sound employed through the runtime and the combinations of which are quite interesting. Some tracks will start out with an oddly sequenced synth that feels like its coming from a desktop modular rig and then pair it with some percussion that feels vaguely reminiscent of older hip-hip or soul, making a track that seems like its perfectly placed in its own world.  As I said, this is part two of this series and after listening to both volumes, this one feels like less of a continuation and more of a different interpretation of the established theme. These compositions are a bit less layered in their approach, opting to use less sounds and add more complexity in there use. I can hear this most notably in the synths but also to a small degree in drums. 

On the very first track we start out with a oddly arpeggiated synth line that almost seems to get more complex as it goes, soon joined by a set of drums that only form the loosest of rhythms at first. But as the rhythm tightens up we suddenly get a tight and smooth downtempo track that lasts until a new set of percussion comes into the mix and throws all kinds of variation into the rhythm. This is a rather cool little motif that havening enjoy's playing with in a number of tracks on this album. One of my favorites that plays with this slack in structure is "corsair bay," a track that starts off with a rather silly sounding melody that feels almost a bit like jazz for pirates to me. The little ditty continues on for a bit as is it is slowly subsumed until the point that it slows down dramatically and seamlessly becomes part of what almost feels like a brand new track with a chill, lo-fi rhythm. 

Another one of my favorite tracks here is "night queen," one of the few tracks to feature virtually no percussion. Even without this, the parts of this track come together beautifully with a yawning vocal pad that carries much of the track as it is joined by a very small sounding set of electric keys that tap out a stumbling and intricate melody. It feels not quite haunting, but strangely emotive. The only other track we get close to this same vein is the final track, "mneme moon." This track is by far one of the most beautiful pieces I heard through the full listen. It features this rather heavenly feeling to it - not heavenly in the sense of being light and airy, but rather it feel as though it is reaching upwards into the heavens. Or at least this is the way I interpreted it. Either way, it is a lovely finish to a rather eclectic album. 



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