Current Flow Ω - Antarctica Blues

Released: February 27

Containing an impressive fifty tracks on one album, Antarctica Blues represents an interesting thought experiment. If the one continent on the planet that has never sustained human life had its own functioning civilization on it, what would their music sound like. Here, it is soft and airy, with the sound of artificial chimes and plinks that bound about the cyan atmospheres. Or at least for much of the tracks this is the case. As you make your way through the album, the musical themes seem to shift in slowly diverging directions, taking an interesting graded approach to the change rather than bouncing back and forth. It makes for a rather entrancing experience that is minimal in its approach but creates a cohesive whole that feels a bit like a full length concerto played by what could functionally be aliens. 

The common trait that holds these various pieces together is difficult to explain, but the best I can say is that every sounds like it is light blue. As I listened, a certain sense of synesthesia took over and I couldn't help but see a very particular shade of light blue kind of wash over everything. This also takes me to my appreciation of the cover art itself as its abstract coloration matches impeccably well with the listening experience. I could easily close my eyes and imagine a sunny day at the south pole - clear blue skies that have an aura like none other, the snow reflecting shards of light all over, and the frigid cold offset slightly by the exceptional brightness of the sun. It all comes together in a strange experience that feels foreign yet distinctly familiar at the same time.  


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