US Golf 95 - [PlayStation] jungle.psx

Released: December 19

 As someone who is always a sucker for a bit of nostalgia, this new album caught my attention immediately since the only thing I probably played more than my Super Nintendo was my original PlayStation. I was expecting something more along the lines of slow vaporwave when I grabbed it but then I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised as he album navigated this very cool area in between drum 'n' bass and vaporwave, giving that vibe of title screens from games that I either played once and returned to the rental places or games that I played ad nauseum. 

For the real fans of the PSX, the song titles are enough to set off a flood of memories in which all the little pre-title screen clip run showing the name of the studio or developer behind the game. I don't know if it was intentional, but the titles bearing the names of developers seem to indicate the aesthetic of the particular track based on the kind of games the studio put out. An example that stood out to me was "Microprose" which I remember putting out some of my favorite games including Master of Orion and X-Com, so I found it especially fitting that it is the only purely ambient track on the album with its plucked melody and strummed out synthetic strings. "Squaresoft" gives off similar ambient vibes that remind me of the classic PSX RPGs from that studio but backed up by a dusty classic jungle drum riff. It all makes for an awesome little trip that made me want to dig out my CD back up PSX roms and emulators. 


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