Maurice Schirm, Panksovic - Absence Presence


Released: December 27

While this EP runs a little on the short side, the compostitions within more than make up for length with thier incredible depth. Each track has its own little vibe, but it all matches up quite well to create a pleasurable expereience. Three of the four tracks prominently feature percussion while the opening track, "Lack" gives us a rather cinematic-feeling buildup into the rest of the EP as synth risers quickly race on until being deconstructed just as rapidly. We get some percussion arounf the halfway point but it feels so distant, as if it is hitting from all the way in the back of a large hall while the more melodic elements dance around right at the forefront of our perception. 

"Plethora" takes us into new terriroty where the more cinemactic elements are reduced and the IDM-inflected rhythms take hold with weird wobbles and wonky rhtythms sit front and center. Meanwhile, airy synths fill up the space around and slowly wrap around the listener to create a slightly surreal experience. "Depth" probably gives the most concrete listening experience with a rather straightforward rhythm that is more akin to the later years of downtempo with elements of minimal tech showing up. But the synths here are where are the fun happens. As the consistent rhythms keeps the track stable, the synths flaunt this to the fullest, seemingly playing whenever and what they want and bringing an unexpected tension to the track. "Cavity" closes us out with a bit of a quieter vibe and quieter drums with synths that play out calming, yet slightly off-kilter melodies. 


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