Death Tape Super Bass - Body Horror

Released: January 5

Death Tape Super Bass returns with another album that sees the project fully embrace its unique fusion of noise and old school techno influences in a manner that becomes progressively noisier as it continues. The aggressive nature of this project has always been readily apparent at first listen, but this time around it ramps this aggression up a notch and gives the listener a more punishing sound. The first half (or rather four songs), carries on what the sound has always been - fast paced and distorted tech. It gives some semblance of being dance-able, but its more likely to induce a hypnotic headbang that is both trace-like and disconcerting.

"Four White Walls" starts out the experience with a consistent rhythm that incorporates a kick so low and distorted that it feels like mud slapping against a freshly-shaven face countered by a still distorted but crisper snare. "Exorcism Portal" is where the noisier elements begin to take over the thematic elements of the album. The solid tech rhythm is still there in some form or fashion but it is squashed beyond recognition and begins to meld into the static-y goodness that is teased here. By the time we reach the fifth track, "Crater of Broken Tongues" we are firmly in the realm of harsh noise as the concept of rhythm melts away and is replaced by low rumbles and a hypno-toad inspired sound that morphs and shifts into warped and distorted tones that could just have easily been the product of a Benadryl trip. "Spite Infestation" closes out the album with a similar vibe, albeit with a lot more variation and heavy metal inspired feedback that keeps changing with sudden shifts. This album definitely lives up to its name in terms of causing that uncomfortable itch and skin crawl. 


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