Abstract Poem - Collage Triptych


Released: January 25

Collage Triptych presents itself as a single album, but upon listening and experiencing what it has to offer, it feels much more like three cleverly intertwined album playing on closely related themes. While it is readily apparent that the album can be broken down into three large parts based on presentation alone, it requires a more in-depth listen to find that each of the long form tracks seem to break themselves into multiple parts, none of which repeat themselves fully. 

In the first section alone, "Where the Bird Finds Solace in Memories Etched Into Its Feathers," the two collages that make up this movement constantly change from one scene to another. This is less of a slow evolution into new parts and more of a quick cutting to new environments and scenes.  One moment we find ourselves in solemn contemplation with errant notes from a guitar and spacious ambiance to suddenly in a slow burning forest and bitcrushed and distorted tones envelope us. Its a rather interesting dynamic that feels like a story told in anachronistic fashion, jumping in time to emphasize what the creator wants us to remember. 

The final section of this extended experience takes away any sense of serenity, subjecting us to warping distortions that feel as though time is bending around us, at least for part one. Being named "...(I Disintegrate)," this section plays into the theme well and creates a sensation that no one has ever experienced in real life. The first part tears into the soundscape and lets up slightly midway through with calmer and deeper tones, only to return to the harsh time-warping effects heard previously. There is no real world analog to the sensation here, aside from possibly being sucked into a small black hole feeling your being and the space time it occupies being stretched to unfathomable limits. The second part breaks from this slightly as it envelops the listener in calm static, at least until the end in which the deep drones reappear to give the final pull until fading away, thus ending the aural experience. 


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