Selfish Limbs - Symbols

Released: November 13

Using nothing but five cymbals and some creative time-stretching effects, Selfish Limbs has created an eerie and foreboding drone experience. The original percussive texture of these instruments has been stripped away and left only an overlapping web of long tones and textures. It's actually pretty remarkable how these pad-like textures are able to be squeezed from the source material and crafted together so wonderfully. All of that said, don't expect anything light and airy - the percussive textures may be gone, but the cold and metallic feel is still ever present and creating an ivy yet rich atmosphere. 

The first track on the album, "Meaning," is a bit deceptive at first as it comes off as a series of deep tones ringing through the air. However, it soon reorients itself as begins to exude some slightly harsh metal ringing though it can only seem to do so in a muted cloud. At least this is so until about halfway through when the tones become sharper and more piercing. "Consistency" picks up where this track leaves off and gives us a dark industrial atmosphere filled with wild oscillations and sounds feeding back in on themselves to create a rich and unnerving atmosphere. This pattern of escalating abrasiveness continues in some form or fashion all the way until the end with "Revision." Here we are sent off with the most pointed tones we have experienced thus far, reaching just before the point of discomfort before retreating back ever so slightly.  


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