Guesswork - Head Crash

Released: December 10

Marking the fourth release on the Tool Use Imprint label, Guesswork's latest foray is a a rather hypnotic hour long aural enigma created from the deteriorating bodies of aging electronics. The philosophy behind its creation is one of minimal intervention from its creator, in essence the parameters are set and allowed to play out naturally. The result is one that feels as though it should be intense and jarring, but results in something soothing and condensed. Multiple layers all play out simultaneously, which would lead one to believe that it would be overwhelming and impenetrable. 

However, there was a strange phenomenon that happened as I listened - the layers would present themselves clearly for just a second and the disappear back into the amalgam as another layer would present itself. This led me to think of it as some kind of sonic version of a magic eye picture. As I focused on an individual component, the rest of the work would become invisible. Conversely, as I pulled my focus back, that individual layer would vanish and the fullness of the mechanical composition could be heard in full. This made it a rather odd bit of psycho-acoustic trickery as there is nothing the creator is doing intentionally to lead you, rather it is the listener that brings out what they subconsciously want to hear. 


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