Fletina - The Given Moment

Released: December 1

Blending the sounds of multiple environments into a surrealistic sonic collage, Scottish sound artist Fletina's newest work is a slow burning album of two long-form pieces that bend perception in subtle ways. On the one hand, these amalgamated environments feel real and tactile, like you have been there before and can remember the physical sensations of these places such as the sights, the sounds, and even the smells. But equally, they feel simulated, almost like some kind of malfunctioning experience machine that throws it all at you at once, leaving you feeling like you are nowhere and everywhere at the same time. 

The first of the two pieces is "Semblance," which is a most appropriate title in my opinion. It feels familiar. It feels as though you are somewhere recognizable. The gentle rumbling of atmospheric noise, the soft clattering in the distance, the footsteps, and the layers of other familiar sounds that stir up memories and images. But at the core, it is merely an illusion; this place is nowhere. But this place is also strangely peaceful and soothing despite its liminal qualities.  The second track, "Obfuscate," plays on much of the same themes, but there is something peculiarly different in this piece. There is something slightly more "sinister," darker, and uncomfortable. It seems as though this is the other side of the coin; not all places feel pleasant, though they are still familiar. The two pieces together make for a fascinating exploration of environmental familiarity and the sensations it can invoke. 


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