Dark Fidelity Hi-Fi - Faith and Popcorn

Released: December 8

Faith and Popcorn (an interesting title in itself) is an eclectic blend of electronic styling from an artist well known for this type of amalgamation, Dark Fidelity Hi-Fi. Seamlessly integrating techno, ambient, dance, trance and even little touches of IDM, the album takes us on a fun little trip that is enjoyable and takes its time to explore fully all the possibilities and integrate all the influences it can. Each of the tracks certainly like to lean in a particular direction of influence with each balancing the other out carefully so that the album remains more undefinable than succumbing to easy labeling. 

The second track, "Melt Structures," is a standout for me simply because it seems to be the only track that goes in a definitively breakbeat/drum and bass style with some heavy bass rumbles and that distinctive rhythm. But even leaning so far in, it still retains that chill vibe that permeates the entire album - it's not too crazy or out there and integrates the influences without letting them override the album as a whole. Moving on, we come to "A Tender Tension," which has a very uplifting vibe, almost like it could be a big room house or tech track with the synths and vocal stabs. However, it subverts this and instead pairs a subdued and slow downbeat/trip-hop type of rhythm with this uplifting vibe to give us something that generally defied my expectation. Finally, we come to "Sleep Well My Machine," which is where those definitive IDM influences creep in, most notably in the disjointed rhythm that pastes the track together in an unconventional way. Plus the blippy beepy little synths don't hurt either. But all in all, I have to say this in one of the more surprisingly varied albums I have heard in some time.   


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