Xqui - All The T-Shirts I Wore In Lockdown


Released: November 3

As the final installment of SPT's Cassingle series, All The T-Shirts I Wore In Lockdown feels like it occupies a novel and appropriate space. The release itself consists of two tracks, with the second track being an instrumental version of the first. The second track really shows off the weird techniques that Xqui likes to use to create soundscapes including blippy synths and awkwardly reversed percussion samples. But it is the first track that the title is referring to as the narrator methodically reads of a list of t-shirts that were worn in the order they were worn. It has a weirdly calm but also tense subtext to it that is best summed up as preparing for an imminent mental breakdown while trying desperately to avoid it as much as possible. According to our narrator, the breakdown was not avoided. However, we now know that he has quite an interesting taste in t-shirts with a specific penchant for 80's horror classics, something I can't help but approve of. 


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